2016 CEF Telecom call - Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) (CEF-TC-2016-1) CEF-TC-2016-1-EESSI Closed!


This  call  will  contribute  to supporting  an  efficient transition  to  electronic  exchange  of  data  in  order  to  reduce  the period  of coexistence  of digital exchange  with  the  current paper  procedures, increase  overall  efficiency  in  social  security coordination activity and help Member States comply with the provisions and deadlines specified by Regulations

The  call  will facilitate  the  connection  of  national  systems,  for  which  Member  States  are  responsible, to the  central EESSI electronic communication (Core) platform to ensure interoperability and communication as well as the business implementation of the EESSI project.


 Proposals may address any of the following activities to enable connection to the Core platform:

  • Acquisition  of  hardware  (example: server,  networking  devices,  cabling)  required  by  EESSI  (for  example  for  the  installation  and  connection  of  the  Access  Points  or  RINA (Reference Implementation of a National Application)
  • Acquisition of infrastructure software licenses necessary for the installation, operation and connection of EESSI Access  Points participating  in  the  EESSI  business  to  the  Core platform
  • Installation and configuration of the EESSI Access Points to be used for EESSI business, including non-production environments
  • Setup  and  training  of  the  first  and  second  level  IT  support  teams of the  EESSI  Access Points participating in the EESSI business
  • Training for users involved in the EESSI cross-border business processes
  • Distribution,  installation  and  configuration  of  RINA  in  the  national  domain  for  EESSI-related uses
  • Development  and  deployment  of national applications  to  allow  connection  to  the  EESSI core platform  and  compliance  with  the  cross-border  business  processes  without  reusing RINA components
  • Development  and  deployment  of national applications  to  allow  connection  to  the EESSI core platform by reusing RINA   components
  • Further development and configuration of the software situated in the national domain that  will  assist  with  connecting  the   Access  Points  with  the  national  IT  systems  at  the  level  of  the relevant institutions for EESSI-related uses

In  addition,  the  proposal  may  include  activities  related  to  the  setting  up  of  the  eDelivery  access point to be used by the EESSI generic services.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the call for proposals is:

  • 24,50 Million EUR (Global Budget)

All the important deadlines

  • 19 May 2016 - 4 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)

Further information about the call

Official webpage of the call

Useful documents

  • Call for Proposals (Legal base)

Organisations eligible to participate

Opened to the following bodies or institutes with legal status established in the covered areas:

  • Any legal organisation

Covered areas

Bodies or institutes must have their registered legal seat in one of the countries taking part in the Programme which are:

  • European Union (EU)

Directorate-Generale responsible

Directorate-General for Energy and Transport

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