OWFC Widgets: Publish Funding Opportunities and Public Contracts announced automatically in your website

What are OWFC Widgets and which benefits do they bring to my website? "One Web Full Content" (OWFC) Widgets are tools especially designed to allow you to publish automatically in your website any of the contents published by After a very simple implementation process and with no need to make any costly investment in infrastructure, OWFC Widgets bring to your website those contents which are really useful for your users, keeping them always up-to-date.

Since contents are automatically published, once the widget is installed there is no need for management in order to update your website. Besides, the image of any of the contents can be customized so as contents are published completely adapted to the layout of your website.

By applying the right filters you will be able to publish contents about the areas and sectors which really interest the users visiting your website. As these contents will now be part of your website, they will not need to make more clicks and visit external links. Users will now find the information they are looking for without leaving your own website.

You choose the contents you want to publish and we help you to filter and adapt them to your users' interests.

What contents can I publish with "OWFC" Widgets?

Thanks to OWFC Widgets you can publish in your own website Grants available through Calls for Proposals for European funds and Public Contracts published by EU institutions and public administrations in the EU.

  • European Funding and Grants: Your users will have access through your website to detailed and up-to-date information about the Calls for Proposals published for European programmes and funds. If you need so, you can also filter them by topic or Programme and, as for all contents, your visitors will not need to leave your website at any time to get the information. Subscribe for only €720 + VAT per year
  • Public Contracts and Tenders: Thanks to OWFC Widgets your users can access information about business opportunities available through public contracts. You can filter these opportunities according to any sector, sort them by one or more countries, publish tender announcements and contract awards in different areas of your site... There are as many possibilities available as needs you have. Subscribe for only €780 + VAT per year

How can I use "OWFC" Widgets and how do I subscribe?

If you need more information or wish to subscribe to OWFC Widgets, you can send us an e-mail to or call us to +34 91 119 69 77 and our team will assist you in the process.