Single Market Programme - Programme for the internal market, competitiveness of enterprises, including small and medium-sized enterprises, the area of plants, animals, food and feed, and European statistics 2021-2027 SMP Open!


The general objectives of the Programme are the following:

  1. to improve the functioning of the internal market, and especially to protect and empower citizens, consumers and businesses, in particular SMEs, by enforcing Union law, facilitating market access, setting standards and promoting human, animal and plant health and animal welfare, whilst respecting the principles of sustainable development and ensuring a high level of consumer protection, as well as by enhancing cooperation between the competent authorities of Member States and between the competent authorities of Member States and the Commission and the decentralised Union agencies;
  2. to develop, produce and disseminate high-quality, comparable, timely and reliable European statistics which underpin the design, monitoring and evaluation of all Union policies and help citizens, policymakers, authorities, businesses, academia and the media to make informed decisions and to actively participate in the democratic process.


The following actions implementing the objectives shall be eligible for funding:

  1. the creation of the right conditions to empower all actors of the internal market, including businesses, citizens, consumers, representatives of civil society and public authorities, through the transparent exchange of information and campaigns to raise awareness, particularly as regards applicable Union rules and the rights of businesses, citizens and consumers, as well as through the exchange and dissemination of good practices, expertise, knowledge and innovative solutions, including through actions implemented through the SOLVIT network and the European Consumer Centres Network;
  2. provision of mechanisms for citizens, consumers, end-users and representatives of civil society, including representatives of the social partners and business representatives from the Union, in particular those representing SMEs, to contribute to political discussions, policies and decision making process, notably by supporting the functioning of representative organisations at national and Union level;
  3. capacity building, facilitation and coordination of joint actions between Member States, between the competent authorities of Member States and between the competent authorities of Member States and the Commission, the decentralised Union agencies and third country authorities, including joint actions aimed at strengthening product safety;
  4. support for the effective enforcement and modernisation of the Union legal framework and for its rapid adaptation to enable the Union to effectively face global competition, as well as support for efforts to resolve issues raised by digitalisation, including through the following:
    1. data gathering and analyses;
    2. research on the functioning of the internal market, studies, evaluations and policy recommendations;
    3. the organisation of demonstration activities and pilot projects;
    4. communication activities;
    5. the development of dedicated IT tools to ensure the transparent and efficient functioning of the internal market and to combat and prevent fraudulent practices on the internet.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 4.208,04 Million EUR (Global Budget)