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The Instrument shall support actions in Member States, and in particular those from the following list:

  1. actions improving police cooperation and coordination between law enforcement authorities, including with and between relevant Union bodies, in particular Europol and Eurojust, joint investigation teams and any other form of cross-border joint operation, access to and exchange of information and interoperable technologies;
  2. projects promoting networking, public-private partnerships, mutual confidence, understanding and learning, the identification, exchange and dissemination of know-how, experience and best practices, information sharing, shared situation awareness and foresight, contingency planning and interoperability;
  3. analytical, monitoring and evaluation activities, including studies and threat, risk and impact assessments, which are evidence based and consistent with priorities and initiatives identified at Union level, in particular those that have been endorsed by the European Parliament and the Council;
  4. awareness raising, dissemination and communication activities;
  5. acquisition, maintenance of Union IT systems and national IT systems contributing to the achievement of the objectives of this Regulation, and/or further upgrading of IT systems and technical equipment, including testing compatibility of systems, secure facilities, infrastructures, related buildings and systems, especially information and communication technology (ICT) systems and their components, including for the purpose of European cooperation on cyber security and cyber crime, notably with the European Cybercrime Centre;
  6. exchange, training and education of staff and experts of relevant authorities, including language training and joint exercises or programmes;
  7. measures deploying, transferring, testing and validating new methodology or technology, including pilot projects and follow-up measures to Union funded security research projects.


The general objective of the Instrument shall be to contribute to ensuring a high level of security in the Union.

Within the general objective set out in paragraph 1, the Instrument shall contribute — in accordance with the priorities identified in relevant Union strategies, policy cycles, programmes, threat and risk assessments — to the following specific objectives:

  1. crime prevention, combating cross-border, serious and organised crime including terrorism, and reinforcing coordination and cooperation between law enforcement authorities and other national authorities of Member States, including with Europol or other relevant Union bodies, and with relevant third countries and international organisations;
  2. enhancing the capacity of Member States and the Union for managing effectively security-related risks and crises, and preparing for and protecting people and critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks and other security-related incidents.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 1.000,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)

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