Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme jointly undertaken by several Member States 2014-2020 AAL Programme Closed!


 The AAL Programme shall fulfil the following objectives:

  • accelerate the emergence and take-up of relevant, affordable and integrated innovative ICT-based solutions for active and healthy ageing at home, in the community, or at work, thus improving the quality of life, autonomy, social inclusion, participation in social life, skills or employability of older adults and contributing to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of health and social care provision;
  • support the development of solutions that contribute to the independence and alleviation of a sense of social isolation of older adults, in such a way that the ICT component does not reduce human contact, but is complementary to it. ICT-based solutions supported under the AAL Programme should integrate non-ICT aspects by design;
  • maintain and further develop a critical mass of applied research, development and innovation at Union level in the areas of ICT-based products and services for active and healthy ageing;
  • develop cost-effective, accessible and, where relevant, energy-efficient solutions, including establishing relevant interoperability standards and facilitating the localisation and adaptation of common solutions which are compatible with varying social preferences, socio-economic factors (including energy poverty, social inclusion), gender aspects, and regulatory aspects at national or regional level, respect the privacy and dignity of older adults, including the protection and security of personal data by applying state-of-the-art privacy-by-design and, where applicable, support access to services in rural and outlying areas or benefit other groups of people, such as people with disabilities. To improve accessibility, the concept of Design for All will be promoted in the development and deployment of solutions.


  •  The implementation of the AAL Programme shall mainly support market-oriented research and innovation projects for active and healthy ageing, which shall demonstrate the capability to exploit the project results within a realistic time frame; the financing of those indirect actions under the AAL Programme shall mainly take the form of grants. It may also take other forms such as prizes, pre-commercial procurement, and public procurement of innovative solutions.
  • In addition, actions for the purposes of brokerage, programme promotion, in particular outreach activities to countries not currently participating in the AAL Programme, actions to raise awareness of the current capabilities, foster deployment of innovative solutions and connect supply and demand side organisations and facilitating access to finance and investors may be supported.
  • Actions aimed at improving the quality of proposals, feasibility studies and workshops may also be supported. Collaboration with the regions of the Union may be envisaged to enlarge the group of stakeholders involved in the AAL Programme.
  • Actions shall aim to consolidate and analyse different methods of end-user involvement in order to develop evidence-based best practice guidelines.

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