Governance and the identification of incentives supporting the implementation of the European Air Traffic Management Master Plan 2007-2020 SESAR Closed!


The Air Traffic Management (ATM) Master Plan is the roadmap driving the modernisation of the European ATM system and connecting SESAR research and development with deployment. It shall be the key SES instrument for the seamless operation of the EATMN and the timely, coordinated and synchronised SESAR deployment. The updates of the Air Traffic Management Master Plan shall contribute to achieving the European Union-wide performance targets and maintain consistency between these targets, SESAR deployment and SESAR research, development, innovation and validation activities. For this purpose, the ATM Master Plan updates shall take into account the Network Strategy Plan and the Network Operation plan.


Common projects shall aim to deploy in a timely, coordinated and synchronised way ATM functionalities that will achieve the essential operational changes. They will be consistent with and contribute to the European Union-wide performance targets and shall identify the ATM functionalities that:
  • having reached the appropriate level of industrialisation, are mature for implementation;
  • require synchronised deployment.
The maturity of ATM functionalities shall be demonstrated, inter alia, on the basis of the results of validation carried out by the SESAR Joint Undertaking, the status of standardisation and certification processes and an assessment of their interoperability, also in relation to the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan and relevant ICAO material.
The need for synchronised deployment of ATM functionalities shall be assessed on the basis of:
  • a definition of their geographical scope and planning, including deployment target dates;
  • an identification of the operational stakeholders required to deploy them;
  • transitional measures for their progressive deployment.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • -1,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)

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