European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation ("EaSI") and European Progress Microfinance Facility for employment and social inclusion 2014-2020 EaSI Closed!


The programme aims to contribute to the implementation of Europe 2020, including its headline targets, Integrated Guidelines and flagship initiatives, by providing financial support for the Union's objectives in terms of promoting a high level of quality and sustainable employment, guaranteeing adequate and decent social protection, combating social exclusion and poverty and improving working conditions.


The Programme shall be made up of the following three complementarity axes:

  1. The Progress axis, which shall support the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Union instruments and policies and relevant Union law, and which shall promote evidence-based policy-making, social innovation and social progress, in partnership with the social partners, civil society organi­sations and public and private bodies;
  2. The EURES axis, which shall support activities carried out by EURES, namely, the specialist services designated by the EEA states and the Swiss Confederation, together with social partners, other employment service providers and other interested parties, to develop information exchanges and dissemination and other forms of cooperation, such as cross-border partnerships, to promote voluntary geographical mobility for workers on a fair basis and to contribute to a high level of quality and sustainable employment; 
  3. The Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship axis, which shall increase the access to, and the availability of, financing for legal and physical persons.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 919,47 Million EUR (Global Budget)

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