Connecting Europe Facility 2014-2020 CEF Open!


 The programme determines the conditions, methods and procedures for providing Union financial assistance to trans-European networks in order to support projects of common interest in the sectors of transport, telecommunications and energy infrastructures and to exploit potential synergies between those sectors. It also establishes the breakdown of the resources to be made available under the multiannual financial framework for the years 2014-2020.

The CEF shall enable projects of common interest to be prepared and implemented within the framework of the trans-European networks policy in the sectors of transport, telecom­munications and energy. In particular, the CEF shall support the implementation of those projects of common interest which aim at the development and construction of new infrastructures and services, or at the upgrading of existing infrastructures and services, in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors. It shall give priority to missing links in the transport sector. The CEF shall also contribute to supporting projects with a European added value and significant societal benefits which do not receive adequate financing from the market.


(a) Contributing to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy, by developing modern and high-performing trans-European networks which take into account expected future traffic flows, thus benefiting the entire Union in terms of improving competitiveness on the global market and economic, social and territorial cohesion in the internal market and creating an environment more conducive to private, public or public-private investment through a combination of financial instruments and Union direct support where projects could benefit from such a combination of instruments and by appropriately exploiting synergies across the sectors.
The achievement of this objective shall be measured by the volume of private, public or public-private partnership investment in projects of common interest, and in particular the volume of private investment in projects of common interest achieved through the financial instruments under this Regulation. Special focus shall be placed on the efficient use of public investment.
(b) Enabling the Union to achieve its sustainable development targets, including a minimum 20 % reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels and a 20 % increase in energy efficiency, and raising the share of renewable energy to 20 % by 2020, thus contributing to the Union's mid-term and long-term objectives in terms of decarbon­ isation, while ensuring greater solidarity among Member

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 33.242,30 Million EUR (Global Budget)