EU Action Plan on Drugs 2013-2016 DRUGS Closed!


1. Drug demand reduction.

Contribute to a measurable reduction in the use of illicit drugs, in problem drug use, in drug dependence and in drug-related health and social harms as well as contributing to a delay in the onset of drug use.


2. Drug supply reduction.

Contribute to a measurable reduction of the availability and supply of illicit drugs in the EU Action.


3. Coordination.

Member States and EU to effectively coordinate drugs policy.


4. International Cooperation.

Strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the EU and third countries and international organisations on drugs issues in a comprehensive and balanced manner.


5. Information, research, monitoring and evaluation.

Contribute to a better understanding of all aspects of the drugs phenomenon and of the impact of measures in order to provide sound and comprehensive evidence for policies and actions.


1. Drug demand reduction
a) Prevent drug use and, secondly, delay the onset of drug use.
b) Enhance the effectiveness of drug treatment and rehabilitation, including services for people with co-morbidity, to reduce the
use of illicit drugs; problem drug use; the incidence of drug dependency and drug-related health and social risks and harms
and to support the recovery and social re/in­tegration of problematic and dependent drug users.
c) Embed coordinated, best practice and quality approaches in drug demand reduction.
2. Drug supply reduction
a) Enhance effective law enforcement coor­dination and cooperation within the EU to counter illicit drug activity, in coherence, as appropriate, with relevant actions determined through the EU policy cycle.
b) Enhance effective judicial cooperation and legislation within the EU.
c) Respond effectively to current and emerging trends in illicit drug activity.
3. Coordination
a) Ensure effective EU coordination in the drugs field.
b) Ensure effective coordination of drug-related policy at national level.
c) Ensure the participation of civil society in drugs policy
4. International Cooperation
a) Integrate the EU Drugs Strategy within the EU's overall foreign policy framework as  part of a comprehensive approach that 
makes full use of the variety of policies and diplomatic, political and financial instruments at the EU's disposal in a  coherent and coordinated manner.
b) Improve cohesiveness of EU approach and EU visibility in the United Nations (UN) and strengthen EU coordination with inter­
national bodies related to the drugs field.
c) Support the process for acceding countries, candidate countries, and potential candidates to adapt to and align with the 
EU acquis in the drugs field, through targeted assistance and monitoring.
5. Information, research, monitoring and evaluation.
a) Ensure adequate investment in research, data collection, monitoring, evaluation and information exchange on all aspects 
of the drug phenomenon.
b) Maintain networking and cooperation and develop capacity within and across the EU’s knowledge infrastructure for information, research, monitoring and evaluation of drugs, particularly illicit drug.
c) Enhance dissemination of monitoring, research and evaluation results at EU and national level.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • -1,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)

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