Further implementation of the European satellite navigation programmes (EGNOS and Galileo) 2007-2013 EGNOS-GALILEO Closed!


The EGNOS and Galileo programmes shall cover all the activities needed to define, develop, validate, construct, operate, renew and improve the two European satellite navigation systems, namely the EGNOS system and the system established under the Galileo programme.

  • The aim of the Galileo programme is to establish the first global satellite navigation and positioning infrastructure specifically designed for civilian purposes. The system established under the Galileo programme is completely independent of other existing or potential systems.
  • The aim of the EGNOS programme is to improve the quality of signals from existing global navigation satellite systems, GNSS.


The Community budgetary appropriations allocated to the programmes under this Regulation shall be granted to finance:

  • activities relating to the completion of the development and validation phase of the Galileo programme;
  • activities relating to the deployment phase of the Galileo programme, including actions to manage and monitor this phase;
  • activities relating to the operation of EGNOS as well as actions preceding or preparatory to the exploitation phase of the programmes.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 3.405,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)