Programme to support specific activities in the field of financial services, financial reporting and auditing 2010-2013 Financial services and auditing Closed!


The general objective of the Programme is to improve the conditions for the functioning of the internal market by supporting the operation, activities or actions of certain bodies in the fields of financial services, financial reporting and auditing.

It aims to support the activities of bodies which contribute to the achievement of the policy objectives of the Community in relation to supervisory convergence and cooperation in the field of financial services and in relation to financial reporting and auditing.


The following activities are covered by the Programme:

  1. Those supporting the implementation of Community policies aimed at supervisory convergence, in particular by means of training the personnel of national supervisory authorities and management of information technologyprojects in the field of financial services.
  2. Those developing or providing input to the development of standards, applying, assessing or monitoring standards or overseeing standard setting processes in support of the implementation of Community policies in the field of financial reporting and auditing.

The following activities shall be regarded as being eligible for action grants as specific projects with a Community dimension:

  • Information technology projects.
  • Training programmes and staff secondment schemes for staff from national supervisors.
  • Hosting conferences, seminars, training sessions and meetings of experts.
  • Preparing and issuing publications, preparation and execution of other information activities.
  • Carrying out research, preparing studies.
  • Other specific supporting activities relevant to Community law or policy in the field of accounting and auditing or supervisory convergence or cooperation.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 38,70 Million EUR (Global Budget)

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