Specific Programme Civil Justice as part of the General Programme Fundamental Rights and Justice 2007-2013 Justice Closed!


General objectives of the programme are:

  1. To promote judicial cooperation with the aim of contributing to the creation of a genuine European area of justice in civil matters based on mutual recognition and mutual confidence;
  2. To promote the elimination of obstacles to the good functioning of cross-border civil proceedings in the Member States.
  3. To improve the daily life of individuals and businesses by enabling them to assert their rights throughout the European Union.
  4. To improve the contacts, exchange of information and networking between legal, judicial and administrative authorities and the legal professions.

The Programme shall have the following specific objectives:
(A) To foster judicial cooperation in civil matters aiming at:

  • Ensuring legal certainty and improving access to justice.
  • Promoting mutual recognition of decisions in civil and commercial cases.
  • Eliminating obstacles to cross-border litigation created by disparities in civil law and civil procedures and promoting the necessary compatibility of legislation for that purpose.
  • Guaranteeing a proper administration of justice by avoiding conflicts of jurisdiction.

(B) To improve mutual knowledge of Member States’ legal and judicial systems in civil matters and to promote and strengthen networking, mutual cooperation, exchange and dissemination of information, experience and best practices.
(C) To ensure the sound implementation, the correct and concrete application and the evaluation of Community instruments in the area of judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters;
(D) To improve information on the legal systems in the Member States and access to justice;
(E) To promote the training of legal practitioners in Union and Community law.
(F) To evaluate the general conditions necessary to reinforce mutual confidence, while fully respecting the independence of the judiciary.
(G) To facilitate the operation of the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters .



  • Studies and research, opinion polls and surveys, formulation of indicators and common methodologies, collection, development and dissemination of data and statistics, seminars, conferences and experts' meetings, organisation of public campaigns and events, development and maintenance of websites, preparation and dissemination of information materials, support to and animation of networks of national experts, analytical, monitoring and evaluation activities.
  • Specific transnational projects of Community interest presented by at least two Member States.
  •  Activities of non-governmental organisations or other entities pursuing an aim of general European interest regarding the general objectives of the Programme.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 109,30 Million EUR (Global Budget)