Community financial measures for the implementation of the common fisheries policy and in the area of the Law of the Sea 2007-2013 CFP Closed!


The general objetives of the programme are:

  1. Improving the administrative capacity and the means for control and enforcement of CFP rules;
  2. Improving the collection of data necessary for the CFP;
  3. Improving the quality of scientific advice for the purposes of the CFP;
  4. Improving the technical assistance supporting the management of the Community fishing fleet for the purposes of the CFP;
  5. Improving the involvement of the fisheries sector and other interest groups in the CFP and promoting dialogue and communication between them and the Commission;
  6. Implementing measures relating to Fisheries Partnership Agreements and other bilateral or multilateral agreements for the purposes of the CFP, and in particular towards ensuring the sustainability of fisheries resources in third country waters and on the high seas;
  7. Implementing measures relating to the Law of the Sea.


  • Control and enforcement of CFP rules;
  • Conservation measures, data collection and improvement of scientific advice concerning the sustainable management of
  • Fisheries resources within the scope of the CFP;
  • Governance of the CFP;
  • International relations in the area of the CFP and the Law of the Sea.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 2.411,60 Million EUR (Global Budget)

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