European Return Fund 2008-2013 ERF Closed!


The general objective of the Fund shall be to support the efforts made by the Member States to improve the management of return. The Fund shall contribute to the financing of technical assistance on the initiative of the Member States or the Commission.


1. The Fund shall contribute to achieving the following specific objectives:

  1. Introduction and improvement of the organisation and implementation of integrated return management.
  2. Enhancement of the cooperation between Member States within the framework of integrated return management.
  3. Promotion of an effective and uniform application of common standards on return.

2. Integrated return management shall include integrated return plans which:

  1. Based on a comprehensive assessment of the situation in the Member State with respect to the targeted population or a targeted specific issue concerning return.
  2. Aim to achieve a wide set of measures encouraging voluntary return schemes of third-country nationals.
  3. Include a plan and/or time table and, where appropriate, provide for a periodic evaluation mechanism allowing for adjustment of the plan and assessment of the impact of the plan in practice.
  4. Include, where Member States consider it appropriate, measures to facilitate cooperation between the competent administrative, law enforcement and judicial bodies.

3. Integrated Return Plans shall focus in particular on effective and sustainable returns through such actions.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 676,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)