Financing instrument for development cooperation 2007-2013 DCI Closed!


The primary and overarching objective of cooperation under this Regulation shall be the eradication of poverty in partner countries and regions in the context of sustainable development, including pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as well as the promotion of democracy, good governance and respect for human rights and for the rule of law. Consistently with this objective, cooperation with partner countries and regions shall:

  1. Consolidate and support democracy, the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, good governance, gender equality and related instruments of international law.
  2. Foster the sustainable development — including political, economic, social and environmental aspects — of partner countries and regions, and more particularly the most disadvantaged among them.
  3. Encourage their smooth and gradual integration into the world economy.
  4. Help develop international measures to preserve and improve the quality of the environment and the sustainable management of global natural resources, in order to ensure sustainable development, including addressing climate change and biodiversity loss.
  5. Strengthen the relationship between the Community and partner countries and regions.


A geographic programme shall encompass cooperation in appropriate areas of activity with partner countries and regions determined on a geographical basis.

  • Human development.
  • Health.
  • Education.
  • Social cohesion and employment.
  • Governance, democracy, human rights and support for institutional reforms.
  • Trade and regional integration.
  • Environment and sustainable development of natural resources.
  • Water and energy.
  • Infrastructure, communication and transport.
  • Rural development, territorial planning, agriculture and food security.
  • Post-crisis situations and fragile States.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 16.897,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)