Programme of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) for nuclear research and training activities 2007-2011 EURATOM - 2007-2011 Closed!


Developing the knowledge base for, and realising ITER as the major step towards, the creation of prototype reactors for power stations which are safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible, and economically viable.

  1. The Seventh Framework Programme shall pursue the general objectives set out in Article 1 and Article 2(a) of the Treaty, while contributing towards the creation of a knowledge-based society, building on the European Research Area.
  2. The Seventh Framework Programme shall comprise Community research, technological development, international cooperation, dissemination of technical information and exploitation activities as well as training, to be set out in two specific programmes.
  3. Fusion energy research, with the objective of developing the technology for a safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible and economically viable energy source.
  4. Nuclear fission and radiation protection, with the objective of enhancing in particular the safety performance, resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness of nuclear fission and other uses of radiation in industry and medicine.


  • Collaborative projects.
  • Networks of excellence.
  • Coordination and support actions.
  • Actions to promote and develop human resources and mobility.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 287,00 Million EUR (None)
  • 517,00 Million EUR (None)
  • 1.947,00 Million EUR (None)