Programme ‘Europe for Citizens’ to promote active European citizenship 2007-2013 EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP Closed!


The programme shall have the following specific objectives in line with the fundamental goals of the Treaty, which shall be implemented on a transnational basis:

  1. Bringing together people from local communities across Europe to share and exchange experiences, opinions and values, to learn from history and to build for the future.
  2. Fostering action, debate and reflection related to European citizenship and democracy, shared values, common history and culture through cooperation within civil society organisations at European leve.
  3. Bringing Europe closer to its citizens by promoting Europe's values and achievements, while preserving the memory of its past.
  4. Encouraging interaction between citizens and civil society organisations from all participating countries, contributing to intercultural dialogue and bringing to the fore both Europe's diversity and unity, with particular attention to activities aimed at developing closer ties between citizens from Member States of the European Union.


The objectives of the programme are:

Active citizens for Europe, consisting of:

  • Town twinning.
  • Citizens' projects and support measures.

Active civil society in Europe, consisting of:

  • Structural support for European public policy research organisations (think-tanks).
  • Structural support for civil society organisations at European level.
  • Support for projects initiated by civil society organisations.

Together for Europe, consisting of:

  • High visibility events, such as commemorations, awards, artistic events, European-wide conferences.
  • Studies, surveys and opinion polls.
  • Information and dissemination tools.

Active European Remembrance, consisting of:

  • Preservation of the main sites and archives associated with the deportations and the commemoration of the victims.

In each action, priority may be given to the balanced integration of citizens and civil society organisations from all Member States, as provided for in the specific objective.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 215,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)