Sixth Community Environment Action Programme 2002-2012 Environment Closed!


The Programme constitutes a framework for the Community's environmental policy during the period of the Programme with the aim of ensuring a high level of protection, taking into account the principle of subsidiarity and the diversity of situations in the various regions of the Community, and of achieving a decoupling between environmental pressures and economic growth. It shall be based particularly on the polluterpays principle, the precautionary principle and preventive action, and the principle of rectification of pollution at source.

  • Emphasising climate change.
  • Protecting, conserving, restoring and developing the functioning of natural systems, natural habitats.
  • Contributing to a high level of quality of life and social well being for citizens.
  • Better resource efficiency and resource and waste management to bring about more sustainable production and consumption patterns.


  • Implementing international climate commitments including the Kyoto Protocol
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector:
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in industrial production:
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in other sectors
  • Using other appropriate instruments

European community funding

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