Specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration: "structuring the European Research Area" 2002-2006 VI FP Closed!


This programme attack a number of key structural weaknesses that are manifested across all fields of European research and which are likely to have progressively more important effects on the EU’s capacity to meet the aspirations of its citizens as its economies and societies become more knowledge-based. It will:

  • Enhance the propensity, at all levels, to turn research into useful and commercially valuable innovations.
  • Promote the development of human resources which constitute the underlying raw material on which research capabilities must be built, as well as the mobility of researchers - and of their knowledge and expertise - between European countries and to Europe from outside.
  • Stimulate the development and upgrading of research infrastructures of the highest quality on a more rational and cost-effective basis, and make facilities and associated resources more universally available to research workers throughout Europe who are able to benefit from them.
  • Develop the means for more constructive and effective communication and dialogue between research and citizens in general, so as to enable society at large to have a better-informed and more constructive influence on the future development and governance of science, technology and innovation.


  • Research and innovation.
  • Human Resources and Mobility.
  • Research infrastructures.
  • Science and society.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 13.345,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)

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