Exchange, assistance and training programme for the protection of the euro against counterfeiting 2002-2013 PERICLES Closed!


The programme seek to protect the euro against counterfeiting. It shall take account of transnational and multidisciplinary aspects. It shall concentrate on promoting convergence of the substance of measures so as to guarantee equivalent levels of protection on the basis of consideration of best practice while also respecting the distinct traditions of each Member State.

Its remit shall encompass:

  1. raising awareness of the staff concerned of the Community dimension of the new currency (also as a reserve currency and a currency for international transactions);
  2. acting as a catalyst to encourage closer cooperation between the structures and staff concerned, the development of a climate of mutual trust and satisfactory knowledge, inter alia of methods of action and difficulties, by promoting various appropriate measures such as placements, specialist workshops or the involvement of guest speakers in national training and staff exchanges;
  3. promoting convergence of high-level training activities for trainers in ways which are compatible with national operational strategies;
  4. expanding general knowledge, in particular of relevant Community and international law and instruments.



The setting-up of exchanges of information at Community level particularly shall involve methodologies of control and analysis for evaluating:

  • the economic and financial impact of counterfeiting;
  • the operation of databases;
  • the use of detection tools with computer back-up;
  • enquiry and investigation methods;
  • scientific assistance (in particular scientific databases and technology watch/monitoring of new developments);
  • operation of early warning systems;
  • related matters, such as the scope of the obligation to provide information;
  • the protection of personal data;
  • the different aspects of cooperation;
  • the protection of the euro outside the European Union;
  • research activities, and
  • the provision of specific operational expertise.


European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the programme is:

  • 11,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)