Innovation in European regions, key to growth

Open Days University has started with a conference that has affected the role of regions as engines of growth in times of crisis, and the importance of innovation for this growth.

The first conference of the Open Days University has addressed the role of innovation as key to growth in Europe. Preben Gregersen, from the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority of the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs Danish, has been in charge of defending innovation policies in the European Union.

In his talk, which took place at the Charlemagne Building of the European Commission, Gregersen has defended in front of assistants from all over the European Union the role of innovation in the European Union, its importance within the EU Structural Funds and the need to keep enhancing it despite the crisis, as a means to generate more and better jobs.

Gregersen has insisted on the need of launching the Lisbon Strategy without delay and refocusing the EU priorities in growth and job creation. Europe must renew the basis of its competitiveness to increase their growth potential and productivity by putting more emphasis on knowledge (for which educational EU-programmes and investment in knowledge, with initiatives such as the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU, are essential), on innovation and optimization of human capital.

Preben Gregersen also underlined the importance of 2009 to be the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.

Brussels is among 5 and 8th October the capital of the regions and cities with the organisation of “Open Days 2009 - European Week of Regions and Citieswhere over 7,000 European, national and regional policy-makers, practitioners and representatives of business, civil society and academia will participate in 125 seminars. The innovation and development as engines of growth will be a key point in the seminars and events being held in the Belgian capital.