€30 million in EU funding to speed up the development of new vaccines

The ADITEC project has been launched with the funding of the European Union in order to speed up the development of novel and powerful immunisation technologies for the next generation of human vaccines has just got under way.

The ADITEC ('Advanced immunization technologies') project, which is funded in part by €30 million as part of the 'Health' Theme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), has started its development thanks to scientists from 42 research and industry bodies across 12 different countries. The scientists will work on a wide range of vital aspects of vaccination, from basic research and new technologies to clinical trials and public health.

The scientists will research within this project how to improve potency and safety of vaccines and their components, novel routes and devices for administration of vaccines, optimised vaccination strategies and optimised formulations and vaccination methods for different age groups. It will also enhance our insight into the effects of gender, chronic diseases and genetic variation on vaccination. Moreover, ADITEC will apply new technologies and help to establish them widely throughout Europe.

The European Commission is participating with funding because it is hoped that the ADITEC project will help address conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and heart and neurodegenerative diseases, all problems that are only set to get worse as Europe's population ages. This conclusion has been also discussed at the Council meeting held on 30 of September. The Commission has got right behind this project as it is directly in line with its innovation targets as part of the EU 2020 strategy, particularly one of its flagship policies, the 'Innovation Union'.