Workshop “Share-PSI”: Bringing ideas to develop the potential of “open data”

The first workshop, “Share-PSI”, will be held in Brussels on the 10-11 of May and is organized in the framework of the “Big Idea” of the European Digital Agenda. This event brings together different actors who are related to the reuse of public sector information (PSI) and who will discuss and contribute with ideas on how to re-use "open data" of public administration. Among them, they are representatives of civil society, media, government organizations, representatives of academia and business.

The workshop is organized within one of the "Big Idea" of the First Assembly of the European Digital Agenda and is promoted by W3C and ETSI. Its main aim is to bring together relevant actors from the European Open Data Community and is organized through several round tables with diverse stakeholders in the European public sector information ecosystem, including civil society, the media, government, academia, commercial re-users to forge the lightweight agreements and standards that are needed to enable interoperability and integration of public sector information across Europe and beyond. “Share PSI” will take place on 10-11 of May in Brussels and will participate in a round table to show its case, a company that reuses information from the public sector in a pan-European scale. You may attend free of charge to the event by an online registration.

In addition to this workshop, the contest "Open Data Challenge" is still opened as a part of the Share PSI initiative. It invites designers, developers, journalists, researchers and the general public to come up with something useful, valuable or interesting using open public data' of any European government. The prize is 20,000 euros.