Call for proposals 2019 - Towards Extreme Scale Technologies and Applications H2020-JTI-EuroHPC-2019-1 Closed!


The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking will contribute to the ambition of value creation in the Union with the overall mission to develop, deploy, extend and maintain in the Union an integrated world class supercomputing and data infrastructure and to develop and  support  a  highly  competitive  and  innovative  High  Performance  Computing  (HPC) ecosystem


This call covers the following topics:

  • EuroHPC-01-2019: Extreme scale computing and data driven technologies
  • EuroHPC-02-2019: HPC and data centric environments and application platforms
  • EuroHPC-03-2019: Industrial software codes for extreme scale computing environments and applications

The activities of the Joint Undertaking will consist of:

  • Supercomputing and Data Infrastructure programme: Acquisition and operationofat least two world-class precursors to exascale supercomputers (capable of around 1017calculations  per  second)  and  at  least  two  mid-range  petascale  supercomputers, and  providing  and  managing  access  to  these  systems  to  a  wide  range  of  public  and private  users.  These  supercomputers  will  be  hosted  in  national  Supercomputer Centres  (as  a  hosting  entity  or  as  a  support  to  the  hosting  entity,  depending  on  the national  organization)  already  established  in  Member  States  that  are  Participating States  of  the  Joint  Undertaking.  The  acquisitions  are  foreseen  for  2020,  as  the selection of the hosting entities must be done first.
  • Research  and  innovation  programme  on  HPC:  to  support  the  development  of European  supercomputing  technology  including  the  first  generation  of  European low-power  microprocessor  technology,  and  the  co-design  of  European  exascale machines,  and  to  foster  applications,  skills  development  and  a  wider  use  of  High Performance Computing

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the call for proposals is:

  • 55,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)

All the important deadlines

  • 14 January 2020 - more than one year ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)

Further information about the call

Official webpage of the call

Useful documents

Organisations eligible to participate

Opened to the following bodies or institutes with legal status established in the covered areas:

  • Any legal organisation

Covered areas

Bodies or institutes must have their registered legal seat in one of the countries taking part in the Programme which are:

  • European Union (EU)

Directorate-Generale responsible

Directorate-General for Research

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