Call for proposals 2017 - H2020 - Industrial sustanibility H2020-NMBP-ST-IND-2018-2020 Closed!


The purpose of this call is to further strengthen the global leadership of Europe’s industry in environmental sustainability, through a combination of mature and disruptive technologies. Success will be seen in making measurable contributions to identified sustainable development goals.

This call contributes to the focus area 'Connecting economic and environmental gains – the Circular Economy' through:

  • new technologies for the process industries such as industrial symbiosis and adaptation to new feedstock and sources of energy; and
  • radical advances in catalysis.


This call covers the following topics:

  • NMBP-33-2018: Innovative and affordable solutions for the preventive conservation of cultural heritage (IA)
  • LC-NMBP-32-2019: Smart materials, systems and structures for energy harvesting (RIA)
  • LC-NMBP-30-2018: Materials for future highly performant electrified vehicle batteries (RIA)
  • LC-NMBP-29-2019: Materials for non-battery based energy storage (RIA)
  • LC-NMBP-27-2019: Strengthening EU materials technologies for non-automotive battery storage (RIA)
  • LC-EEB-06-2018-20: ICT enabled, sustainable and affordable residential building construction, design to end of life (IA 50%)
  • LC-EEB-05-2019-20: Integrated storage systems for residential buildings (IA)
  • LC-EEB-03-2019: New developments in plus energy houses (IA)
  • LC-EEB-02-2018: Building information modelling adapted to efficient renovation (RIA)
  • LC-EEB-01-2019: Integration of energy smart materials in non-residential buildings (IA)
  • DT-SPIRE-06-2019: Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants (IA)
  • CE-SPIRE-10-2018: Efficient recycling processes for plastic containing materials (IA)
  • CE-SPIRE-05-2019: Adaptation to variable feedstock through retrofitting (IA 50%)
  • CE-SPIRE-04-2019: Efficient integrated downstream processes (IA)
  • CE-SPIRE-03-2018: Energy and resource flexibility in highly energy intensive industries (IA 50%)
  • CE-SPIRE-02-2018: Processing of material feedstock using non-conventional energy sources (IA)
  • CE-NMBP-26-2018: Smart plastic materials with intrinsic recycling properties by design (RIA)
  • CE-NMBP-25-2019: Photocatalytic synthesis (RIA)
  • CE-NMBP-24-2018: Catalytic transformation of hydrocarbons (RIA)

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the call for proposals is:

  • 330,10 Million EUR (Global Budget)

All the important deadlines

  • 23 January 2018 - 3 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)
  • 22 February 2018 - 3 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)
  • 28 June 2018 - 3 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)
  • 22 January 2019 - 2 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)
  • 21 February 2019 - 2 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)
  • 03 September 2019 - 2 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)

Further information about the call

Official webpage of the call

Useful documents

  • Work Programme 2018-2020 (Work programme)

Organisations eligible to participate

Opened to the following bodies or institutes with legal status established in the covered areas:

  • Any legal organisation

Covered areas

Bodies or institutes must have their registered legal seat in one of the countries taking part in the Programme which are:

  • European Union (EU)

Directorate-Generale responsible

Directorate-General for Research

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