Call for proposals under the Implementation Plan of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking - 2014 FCH-JU-2013-2 Closed!


Fuel Cells and Hydrogen are key components of our future energy system. The attractiveness of fuel cells using hydrogen lies in the near-zero CO2 performance and high energy efficiency of the process. The reaction between oxygen and hydrogen produces water and heat but no CO2, which makes it the cleanest burning fuel. Harnessing this process in a fuel cell allows capturing most of the hydrogen's energy content as electricity, possibly combined with the recovery of heat. Hydrogen is also expected to play an increasing role in large-scale energy storage in grids in order to balance the intermittent nature of renewable electricity. Currently, hydrogen is mainly produced from fossil fuels. In the future energy system, hydrogen should be produced from renewable feedstock using renewable energy in order to be considered "zero CO2". In the bridging phase towards renewable hydrogen, hydrogen production from fossil fuels should be pursued. Provided this level of sustainability is aimed for and reached, FCH technologies can become essential in realizing the EU societal goals such as decarbonisation, better air quality, energy security, international competitiveness and employment.


Area SP1-JTI-FCH.1: Transportation & Refuelling Infrastructure
SP1-JTI-FCH.2013.1.1 Large-scale demonstration of buses and refuelling infrastructure VI
Area SP1-JTI-FCH.2: Hydrogen Production & Distribution
SP1-JTI-FCH.2013.2.1: Demonstration of hydrogen production from biogas for supply to vehicle refuelling
Area SP1-JTI-FCH.4: Early Markets
SP1-JTI-FCH.2013.4.2 Demonstration of portable generators, back-up power and uninterruptible power systems
Area SP1-JTI-FCH.5: Cross-cutting Issues
SP1-JTI-FCH.2013.5.5 Development of a European framework for the generation of guarantees of origin for green H2


European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the call for proposals is:

  • 23,00 Million EUR (Global Budget)

All the important deadlines

  • 27 February 2014 - 7 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)

Further information about the call

Official webpage of the call

Useful documents

  • Annual implementation plan - 2013 (Work programme)
  • Call for proposals under the Implementation Plan of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking - 2014 (Legal base)

Organisations eligible to participate

Opened to the following bodies or institutes with legal status established in the covered areas:

  • Any legal organisation

Covered areas

Bodies or institutes must have their registered legal seat in one of the countries taking part in the Programme which are:

  • European Union (EU)

Directorate-Generale responsible

Directorate-General for Research

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