Call for proposals - Supporting Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions - PPI Pilots 65/G/ENT/CIP/13/N02C021 Closed!


The European Commission calls on public procurement bodies to submit high-quality proposals for collaborative, cross-border projects, on the format of "buyers' groups" of innovative solutions – PPI PILOTS -, that improve the economic framework conditions for innovation and thereby contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In more concrete terms, the European Commission calls for project proposals that clearly demonstrate how public procurement bodies will act, during the project, as launch customers for innovative goods or services which are not yet available on a large-scale commercial basis.


The establishment of cross-border "buyers' groups" with EU co-financing should remove obstacles that public procurers often face concerning the "joint" or "co-ordinated" procurement of innovative solutions:

  1. Lack of knowledge and expertise in contracting authorities on the use of practices that favour innovation, on risk management in procurement, and on market and technological developments.
  2. Lack of (or wrong) incentives for contracting authorities, which give priority to short term costs and provide no incentives for the additional risks (and initial costs) of purchasing innovative solutions, even if in the long and medium term cost savings and efficiency gains can be obtained.
  3. Mismatch with public policies objectives and strategies, with procurement treated as a purely administrative, legal or financial task and not linked to public policy objectives such as energy and resource efficiency, green economy, etc.
  4. Lack of innovative capability in public organisations, with little or no dedicated resources (financial or personnel) to identify, experiment, develop or evaluate innovations nor even to identify if innovative solutions could better help overcome problems in the public services than standardised solutions.
  5. Fragmentation of demand / lack of critical mass due to the fragmentation of procurement actions across borders and administrative boundaries, which leads to individual procurements being too small for companies to make the effort of coming forward with innovative solutions. This lack of pooling the procurements also entails that the human resources for managing complex procurement processes and the risks involved in being a first customer are not shared.
  6. Difficulties for innovative SMEs to be involved in public procurement as direct beneficiary/ client of a purchasing authority. This hampers the access of public authorities to the innovative potential of SMEs, in particular high-tech SMEs who play a key role in creating innovative solutions.

European community funding

The Community provisional funding available for the call for proposals is:

  • 6,35 Million EUR (Global Budget)

All the important deadlines

  • 28 May 2013 - 8 years ago (Deadline for the presentation of proposals)

Further information about the call

Official webpage of the call

Useful documents

  • Call fiche 65/G/ENT/CIP/13/N02C021 (Guidelines for applicants)

Organisations eligible to participate

Opened to the following bodies or institutes with legal status established in the covered areas:

  • Any legal organisation

Covered areas

Bodies or institutes must have their registered legal seat in one of the countries taking part in the Programme which are:

  • European Union (EU)
  • Candidate Countries
  • European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Third countries

Directorate-Generale responsible

Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry

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