Joint Parliamentary Meeting on European Energy Community

A Joint Parliamentary Meeting has been organised by the European Parliament and the Spanish Parliament (Cortes Generales) on the topic, 'Towards a European Energy Community for the 21st Century?'.

The event takes place on June 7th and 8th in the Hemicycle in the Paul Henri Spaak building of the European Parliament, Brussels, and it will be co-chaired by Mr. Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, Mr José Bono Martinez, President of the Spanish Congress of Deputies and Mr Francisco Javier Rojo Garcia, President of the Spanish Senate. This event is coorganizeb by EP and Spanish Parliamnt.

On the first day of the JPM 'Towards a European Energy Community for the 21st Century?', two emminent academics, Mr. Marc van der Woude and Ms. Leigh Hancher, are expected to make a presentation based on their report entitled "Towards a European Energy Community: A Policy Proposal". In this report the two authors plead, among others, for a well-functioning liquid European energy market supported by state of the art integrated networks, corrected by price stabilisation measures and complemented by innovation policies.

The importance of the creation of a European Energy Community was made clear in a declaration adopted by President Buzek and the former EC President, Jacques Delors on 5 May.

The declaration stressed that "Europe needs a stronger, deeper, common energy policy. An energy policy which guarantees access to energy at reasonable and stable prices, which maintains our industrial competitiveness, and which promotes sustainable development and the transition to a low-carbon society. A policy which mobilises investments in order to unlock the business opportunities of tomorrow, and which ensures the security of supply for all Europeans."