Final stakeholder conference on Danube Strategy

From 9-11 June, stakeholders interested in the ongoing preparations of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region will meet in Constanta, Romania to discuss the strategy's potential priority areas for action.

Organised by the European Commission in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Regional Development, this conference will be the last of a series of events organised in the framework of the preparation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

The first of them took place in Ulm (Baden-Wurttemberg) on 2 February, and it has been followed by other conferences on the development of an EU Strategy for the Danube region in Hungary at the end of February, Austria and Slovakia (April) and Bulgaria (May).

Following the example of the Baltic Sea Strategy, MEPs want the Commission to draw up an Action Plan for the implementation of projects promoting inland navigation along the river, the creation of a multi-modal transport system to be connected to neighbouring countries (such as Moldova and Ukraine), and the use of environmentally-friendly energy resources, such as water power, solar power and wind energy.

The European Commission  launched a public consultation to define a strategy to develop the economic potential of Europe's longest river and to improve social and environmental conditions in the region, which was opened until the end of March.

The aim of the event is to offer a discussion platform for all interested stakeholders who are willing to be involved in the Strategy. At this conference you can discuss in depth the priority actions to be included in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

Themes of the event:

  • Improve connectivity and communications systems
  • Environment, water and risk management
  • Socio-economic, human and institutional development

A business round table will gather the feedback of the private sector, particularly with regard to its potential involvement in the strategy. The results of these discussions will contribute to the Action Plan to be developed by the European Commission, which is set to formally adopt the EU Strategy for the Danube Region in December 2010.