The Commission reaffirms its commitment to supporting children protection online

Within the multi-year programme on child protection in the use of Internet and other communication technologies, Safer Internet, the Commission has launched a call for proposals calling to suggest actions that could fund the programme. Interested parties may submit their proposals until May 27th, 2010.

On December 2008, the European Union adopted the Community Programme Safer Internet aimed at securing children in the Internet complex environment. This Programme is intender to be the successor of the Safer Internet plus programme (2005-2008).

The European Commission has therefore published a Call for proposals inviting all interested parties to propose indirect actions which could be funded under the Safer Internet Programme. This call is structured into four action lines:

  • Action 1 and action 2: With the aim to ensure public awareness and fighting against illegal content and harmful conduct online,  the 2009  work program proposed the creation of Safer Internet centres, to coordinate activities and facilitate knowledge transfer between stakeholders. 2010 work programme continues with this target. 
  • Action 3: In order to promote a safer online environment, it proposes cross-border cooperation to fight against production and distribution of contents related to child sexual abuse in the online environment. 
  • Action 4: As for establishing a knowledge base, it also proposes projects to improve the knowledge of which is to better target child adiction to the Internet.

Eligible organizations, budget and deadlines for Safer Internet Call

The indicative total budget available for this call under the 2010 budget is 3M € of Community contribution.

The call for proposals under 2010 Work Programme is open to all legal entities established in the Member States. It is also open to participation of legal entities established in EFTA States which are contracting parties to the EEA Agreement (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

Interested parties must prepare their proposals using the forms in the Guide for proposers, and sent them to the Commission at the following address before 27 May 2010:

European Commission
Directorate General Information Society & Media
Safer Internet
Office EUFO 1194
Rue Alcide de Gasperi
2920 Luxembourg

Further information as well as some relevant documents for the presentation of the Safer Internet Call for Proposals are available at the Safer Internet Programme website.