Stronger rights for bus and coach passengers

Transport Council issues a series of EU-wide minumum standards to cover rights for bus and coach passengers and their luggage.

In the future, wherever you are in the Union, if your coach service has been cancelled or is delayed by more than two hours, your carrier must offer you the choice of continuing the journey, being re-routed, or having your fare reimbursed. Where necessary, a snack or assistance in finding accommodation will be provided.

The proposed regulation also addresses accessibility. Disabled persons and those with reduced mobility, including many elderly people, cannot be refused transport, except for safety reasons or where it is physically impossible, for instance because of the size of the vehicle. If the person needs to be accompanied, the companion must be allowed to travel free of charge.

In the event of accidents, minimum compensation ceilings are set for injury or death of passengers. Similar rules will apply to loss of, or damage to, luggage. If mobility equipment, such as a wheelchair, has been damaged, compensation will cover the cost of repairing or replacing it.

The proposal relates to regular services in general, with a series of exemptions. For instance, member states may decide not to apply it to urban and regional services. Final adoption requires approval by the European Parliament.

Recently, severals rules to protect railway passengers have also been issued.