Portugal hosts the second event on Diversity Days

Diversity Days to celebrate diversity in Europe are being held in 4 Member States (Cyprus, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden) this autumn and they promise to interest and entertain the public while bringing the message of the benefits of diversity to as many as possible.

Diversity Days are just one initiative of the EU-wide "For Diversity. Against Discrimination." information campaign, which aims to raise awareness of discrimination and to give advice on how combat it.  Each Diversity Day is to be organised in a way that ensures an interactive, educational and interesting experience for all.

A key event will also be held where local and national organisations come together to challenge people to think about and take responsibility for their own attitudes and behaviour and to recognise positive benefits of diversity to the workplace and to society as a whole.

The campaign is also up and running in all 27 Member States and EU-wide and national awareness raising activities for 2009 are well underway, all of which are directed towards spreading the message that discrimination is wrong and that diversity is to be embraced. For example the Journalist Award competition has been launched once again and seeks to honour online or print journalists in the EU who contribute to a better public understanding of the benefits of diversity and the fight against discrimination.

This year, ahead of the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, there will be a special award for an article on the interrelationship between discrimination and poverty.

Only by raising awareness of discrimination and bringing the benefits of diversity to light will everyone in the EU be able to live their life free from discrimination and to fulfil their potential.

The campaign is run since 2003 by the European Commission, Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and aims to make Europeans aware of their rights and responsibilities in the field of discrimination under the EU Equal Treatment Directives.

  • Cyprus:        Saturday 3rd October, National Bank of Greece Cultural Centre, Nicosia
  • Portugal:      Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 October, Colombo shopping mall, Lisbonne
  • Sweden:       Monday 26 to Saturday 31 October, Gallerian, Stockholm.
  • Luxembourg:     Saturday 7th November, Utopolis cinema, Luxembourg city