The EU and agree Georgia on the status of the EUMM in Georgia

This Agreement follows the negotiations between the European Union and Georgia in order to set the status for the European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia and its personnel.

On September, 15th, 2008, the Council adopted Joint Action 2008/736/CFSP on the European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM Georgia), in order to to provide civilian monitoring of Parties' actions. Following this adoption, negotiations started in order to agree the status given to the personnel and actions under this EUMM. This Agreement will, in any case, affect the Parties’ rights and obligations under international agreements and other instruments establishing international courts and tribunals, including the Statute of the International Criminal Court.

According to this Agreement, EUMM Georgia and EUMM Georgia personnel will respect the laws and regulations of the Host State and will refrain from any action or activity incompatible with the objectives of the mission. The Mission will also be autonomous with regard to the execution of its functions under the present Agreement.

The Host State will respect the unitary and international nature of EUMM Georgia, and the Head of Mission will regularly inform the government of the Host State of the number of EUMM Georgia personnel stationed within the Host State’s territory.

This Agreements regulates the status and rights of the personnel involved, the conditions for border crossing and movement within the territory, as well as any other privileges or immunities granted by the Host State to EUMM Georgia or to its personnel.

According to this Agreement, the Host State will have the obligation to provide full cooperation and support to EUMM Georgia and EUMM Georgia personnel.

The Agreement, signed in Brussels, on November, 3rd, 2008, enters into force on the date of receiving, through diplomatic channels, of the last written notification about the fulfilment by the Parties of internal procedures necessary for the entry into force of this. In this respect, prior to the signature of the Agreement, the Council approved its terms and conditions on behalf of the European Union by means of Council Decision 2008/877/CFSP, of October 24th, 2008.