Presented the ISPA Annual Report 2007: more than 265 meuros in 6 projects

The European Commission has presented the annual report of the Instrument for Structural Policy for Pre-Accession (ISPA) 2007 [SEC(2008)2681] COM(2008)671 final (27/10/2008)

2007 budget

Budget line B13.05.01.01, amounting to €265,714,000 in 2007 (for Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia), covers all expenses for co-financing infrastructure projects (measures). Since both Romania and Bulgaria became Member States on 1st January 2007 the payments presented below from budget line B13.05.01.01 relate exclusively to Croatia.

2005 to 2007 proyects

Between 2005 and 2007, the Commission approved a total of 6 projects on the basis of proposals submitted by Croatia. Of these projects, 3 concern the environment sector, 2 the transport sector, and 1 horizontal TA measure (for the organisation of the statutory monitoring committees and supporting ISPA implementing agencies). The total eligible investment cost of these projects is €123.052 million, with a total of €59 million, or 47.9%, being allocated as ISPA grants. A further €1 million was allocated to cover the costs of the administering of the ISPA programme by the Commission thereby allocating the entire €60 million of ISPA funds allocated to Croatia until the end of the programme. By the end of 2007, the Commission had committed 100% of the ISPA funds set aside for Croatia covering the period 2005 to 2007 with the commitments distributed in a balanced manner between the environment and transport sectors. No new ISPA projects were adopted in 2007.

Instrument for Structural Policy for Pre-Accession (ISPA)

ISPA as a programmed ceased to exist at the end of 2006 and consequently no new projects will be approve. Therefore this and future annual ISPA reports will relate exclusively to the implementation of those ISPA projects in Croatia that have already been approved. The programme was reprogrammed with the name of  Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance - IPA.