SAFA programme results from 2007 aircraft inspection

The Official Journal of the European Union has published on the 9th September 2008 the results of the aircraft inspections in 2007. A total of 8.594 inspections from 132 different States that use 215 different (sub)types of Aircrafts

The SAFA programme was launched by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) in 1996. The SAFA programme was not based upon a European legal binding basis but upon a commitment of the Directors General of the participating ECAC Member States. The scope of the inspections relating to ‘foreign’ aircraft implied those aircraft which are not used or operated under the control of the competent authority of the State where the inspection takes place. From 1996 a total of more 45,000 inspections has been done.

In each SAFA Participating State, aircraft (third-country for EU States or foreign for non-EU ECAC States) can be subject to a ramp inspection, chiefly concerned with the aircraft documents and manuals, flight crew licenses, the apparent condition of the aircraft and the presence and condition of mandatory cabin safety equipment.

Results from the inspections in 2007

Number of inspections: 8 594
Number of findings: 12 073


  • Information to the Authority and the operator: 3,386
  • Restriction of the aircraft operation: 126
  • Corrective actions before flight authorisation: 1,318
  • Aircraft grounded: 22
  • Entry permit repercussions: 14