Appointment of the new European Union Special Representative for Afghanistan

After Mr. Francesc Vendrell informed the Secretary General/High Representative (SG/HR) that he will not be available to serve as the European Union Special Representative (EUSR) beyond August 31st 2008, SG/HR recommended Mr Ettore F. Sequi to be appointed as the new EUSR.

The new European Union Special Representative (EUSR), Mr Ettore F. Sequi, will implement his mandate in the context of a situation which may deteriorate and could harm the Common Foreign and Security Policy objectives as set out in the Treaty.

The mission of the EUSR will be based in the general policy objectives of the European Union in Afghanistan:

  • Contribute to the implementation of the EU-Afghanistan Joint Declaration and the Afghanistan Compact as well as the relevant United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolutions and other relevant UN Resolutions.
  • Encourage positive contributions from regional actors in Afghanistan and from neighbouring countries to the peace process in Afghanistan and thereby contribute to the consolidation of the Afghan State.
  • Support the pivotal role played by the UN, notably the Special Representative of the Secretary-General.
  • Support work of the Secretary General/High Representative (SG/HR) in the region.

For this purpose, Mr. Sequi, will convey the European Union's views on the political process while drawing on the key principles agreed between Afghanistan and the international community, in particular the EU-Afghanistan Joint Declaration and the Afghanistan Compact. The EUSR also ensures to maintain close contact and give support to the Afghan representative institutions, in particular the government and Parliament, as well as other relevant international institutions, notably the representatives of the United Nations.

The Political and Security Committee (PSC) will maintain a privileged link with the EUSR and will be the primary point of contact with the Council. Also, the PSC will provide the EUSR with strategic guidance and political direction within the framework of the mandate.

The Appointment, set up in Council Joint Action published  July 25th, entered into force the previous day, and establishes Mr. Sequi's mandate from the period from Septembre 1st 2008 to February 28th 2009.