Business Link is the newest aid published by EC on the 27th June 2008

The programme is due to manage of agricultural (animal and plant) production GBP 142 million across all sectors of which an estimated maximum of of GBP 15 million will be used for activities related to farming and started on the 27th OF Obtober 2007.

The secondary objective is technical support for the agriculture sector. In particular the scheme will:

  • Raise awareness of available business support..
  • Equip and inform the business community.
  • Encourage productive change.
  • Expand the business support market.
  • Aid is provided under Article 15 of Regulation (EC) No 1857/2006. The eligible costs comprise the full costs, as allowed by Article 15, paragraph 3, of consultancy services and the organisation training programmes for farmers and farm workers.

The scheme will begin on 23 October 2007 and close on 22 October 2014. The last payment will be made on 22 October 2014 and  the last date of advice will be provided on 22 October 2014.

Acting under Section 11, Industrial Development Act 1982, Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, based in Victoria Street London (UK) are looking after proceedings.

More information

The scheme is open to all sectors except, currently, the fishery and aquaculture sectors. Aid for businesses not active in farming will be paid in line with Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006 on de minimis aid. Aid will be provided in the form of services — no money will be paid direct to producers. Aid to agricultural businesses active in the processing and marketing sector will be paid in line with Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006 on de minimis aid. Signed and dated on behalf of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (competent authority).