EU-UEFA launch helpline for fans travelling to EURO 2008

EU Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva announced, on the 15th of May 2008, the launch of an EU- UEFA information campaign and helpline to advise fans travelling to EURO 2008 on their consumer rights and to provide support for those who run into problems between the opening match on 7th June in Basel and the final on 29th June in Vienna.

The campaign deals with consumer issues – from fake match tickets to transferring tickets in the case of illness, to air travel, roaming charges, EU health insurance and problems shopping abroad. An EU-UEFA online consumer leaflet setting out clear advice for fans travelling to the tournament is available now as well as on the European Commission website. A free phone consumers' rights helpline service will run – in all EU languages – throughout the tournament from June 1st 2008, managed by the Europe Direct Contact Centre. Free phone supporters rights helpline 00800 67891011.

UEFA President, Michel Platini, said, “I am delighted that UEFA and the European Commission have worked together to create this helpline and produce this guide. This initiative will help fans from all countries to enjoy their stay in Austria and Switzerland.”

The EU consumer helpline will be open for the entire month of June 2008, to answer any questions that fans might have on their consumer rights: from what they are entitled to if their flight is cancelled, to what they should do if a product they buy is faulty, to what medical cover they have. The helpline, which is provided with the support of the Europe Direct service, is free-phone (apart from Certain mobile telephone operators who may charge) from all EU countries and will be available in all EU official languages.

The helpline will deal with consumer issues such as:

  • Air passenger rights.
  • Shoppers' rights.
  • Mobile roaming charges.
  • Ticketing – as set out in the leaflet.

Where questions are not related directly to consumer issues, the helpline will, where possible, provide alternative contact points for assistance.