50 Job opportunities for the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency

The Agency is currently working towards the modification of its mandate and an extension of its lifespan. Once this has been approved, the Agency will recruit over 50 new staff to various positions including those in project management, legal affairs, financing engineering, GIS systems, finance, IT and administration. Deadline for applications is 8 May 2008.

Applications must only be sent to the following mailbox: TENTEA-recruitment@ec.europa.eu, indicating the reference number

  • TEN-T/2008/TA/AD7/01 - Senior Project Manager (3 vacancies).
  • TEN-T/2008/TA/AD5/02 - External Audit Manager (1 vacancy).
  • TEN-T/2008/TA/AST3/03 - Control and Coordination Officer (1 vacancy).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/05 - Project Manager (8 vacancies).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/06 - Evaluation Manager (2 vacancies).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/07 - Financial Engineering Manager (2 vacancies).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/08 - GIS Manager (1 vacancy).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/09 - IT Tool Development Manager (1 vacancy).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/10 - Legal Adviser (2 vacancies).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/11 - Statistical Manager (1 vacancy).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/12 - Financial Officer (4 vacancies).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/13 - Project Officer (8 vacancies).
  • TEN-T/2008/CA/FGIV/04 GIS Officer (1 vacancy).

The TEN-T Executive Agency was created by the Commission’s Decision C(2006)5034 of 26 October 2006, in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No. 58/2003. The Agency manages the Community funds available for the promotion of trans-European networks in the transport sector under the Decision on Community guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network, in close collaboration with DG TREN.