Community litigation increase 10% in the last year.

The statistics concerning the Court of Justice’s judicial activity in 2007 reveal a distinct improvement compared with the preceding year. In particular, the reduction, for the fourth year in a row, of the duration of proceedings before the Court should be noted, as should the increase of approximately 10% in the number of cases completed compared with 2006.

Some figures

  • 1,259 cases were brought before the three courts comprising the Court of Justice – the highest figure in the institution’s history.
  • The Court completed 551 cases in 2007 compared with 503 in 2006.
  • The average duration of preliminary ruling proceedings was 19.3 months in 2007, as against 23.5 months in 2004.
  • At the Court of First Instance 522 cases were brought in 2007, a significant increase compared with 2006 (432).