Arts festivals for the Year of Intercultural Dialogue

Representatives of major European arts and culture festivals signed a declaration of support to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in Brussels, 8 January this year  in Ljubljana together with the EU Commissioner Ján Figel'. It means that the aims and messages of the year will be reflected throughout 2008 in dozens of festivals all over the EU and beyond.

The signing ceremony was organised by the European Festivals Association at the margins of the launch of the European Year of Interecultural Dialogue in the Slovenian capital. The signature ensures the promotion of the Year in music, dance and theater festivals, rock, pop and jazz festivals, but also in literature, film or street arts festivals in the framework of the European Year of Interecultural Dialogue programme.

The Declaration reflects the commitment of the participating festivals to raise awareness of artists, managers, collaborators, volunteers and audiences about intercultural dialogue as a respectful and free exchange among communities and individuals that promotes and maintains cultural diversity. This diversity is understood as a condition for the protection of human rights and democracy, but also as an obstacle to stereotypes, prejudice, disrimination and ignorance.

The declaration was initiated by the European Festivals Association, a non-governemental organisation representing festivals in 38 mainly European countries, which is also a member of the steering group of the Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue.

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Full text of the Declaration is available at the official EFA website
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