The Commission consults on the insurance options in the context of natural and man-made disasters

The European Commission presented a strategy on adaptation to climate change, and also a Green Paper on insurance in the context of natural and man-made disasters. This public consultation launches a wide debate on the adequacy and availability of existing insurance options.

The European Commission adopted a Green Paper that poses a number of questions concerning the adequacy and availability of appropriate disaster insurance. The objective is to raise awareness and to assess whether or not action at EU level could be appropriate or warranted to improve the market for disaster insurance in the European Union. The public consultation will be opened until the 30 of June 2013. In addition, in February 2013, the Commission announced that it will examine barriers to cross-border trade in insurance products.

On the other hand, the Commission presented a strategy on adaptation to climate change that sets out a framework and mechanisms for taking the EU's preparedness for current and future climate impacts to a new level. The strategy focuses on promoting action by member states; 'Climate-proofing' action at EU level by further promoting adaptation in key vulnerable sectors ensuring that Europe's infrastructure is made more resilient, and promoting the use of insurance against natural and man-made disasters; and better informed decision-making.

According to the Commission, the strategy puts strong emphasis on adaptation options that are low-cost, good for the economy as well as the climate and which make sense for a variety of reasons. It will promote sustainable growth, stimulate climate-resilient investment and create new jobs, particularly in sectors such as construction, water management, insurance, agricultural technologies and ecosystem management.