The first stage of the StartUp Europe campaign is underway

The European Commission has launched the first of the six parts that form the StartUp Europe campaign. The key objective of the plan is to interconnect the existing ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship in the European Union by facilitating the dialogue and the exchange of experiences. The first step of this plan has been taken by creating the Startup Europe Leaders Club.

The development of entrepreneurship on the Internet in recent years has allowed the emergence of major business projects that have generated a large number of jobs. Overall, emerging companies or startups have created about three million jobs in the United States, a level that the EU envisages to achieve.

To this end, the StartUp Europe initiative aims to create a climate that will facilitate the development of these businesses. As a first step, a club of leaders has been set up integrated by entrepreneurs who have successfully undergone one of these kind of entrepreneurial projects. Among the members of the Club are business leaders responsible for projects as renowned as Spotify, Angry Birds, Myspace, Skype, Seedcamp, HackFwd, London's Tech City or TheNextWeb. The main objective of the Club is that star entrepreneurs tell how they developed their initiatives and explain their frustrations to wake-up young Europeans and leaders to the potential of entrepreneurial careers.

Along with the creation of the leaders Club, StartUp Europe also includes the creation of the StartUp Europe Association to promote technical knowledge, technology and services, as well as the creation of an EU Accelerators Forum to raise awareness of streamlining existing programs. It also provides for the creation of EU crowdfunding networks that will link the existing platforms, the development of actions to raise venture capital investors awareness on web businesses, and various actions in the fields of education, the creation of barter platforms as marketplace for sharing and trading skills and sharing capabilities.