Commission consults on audiovisual media regulator independence in the EU

The European Commission launched two public consultations on media freedom and pluralism and audiovisual media regulator independence in the EU. The contributions to both consultations can be made until 14th June 2013.

Two consultations, that formalise a debate started by recommendations made in January 2013 by an independent High Level Group (HLG) on Media Freedom and Pluralism convened by the Commission, were launched by the European Commission to seed opinions on media freedom and pluralism and audiovisual media regulator independence. In July 2011, €600,000 were allocated for a new Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom.

The first of the consultations invites comments on issues such as the scope of the EU's competence to act in order to protect media freedom, the respective roles of public authorities and self-regulation or protection of journalistic sources in Europe. The consultation's findings will allow the Commission to identify if broad support exists for European or national action in areas covered by the EU Treaties.

Thesecond consultation asks whether independence of the audiovisual regulatory bodies could be better ensured if Article 30 of the Audiovisual and Media Services (AVMS) Directive were revised. The AVMS Directive (AVMSD) aims at a Single Market for audiovisual media services and at legal certainty for Europe's TV and audiovisual industry.