The defence of an open Internet and freedom of speech keys at the next global Internet Governance Forum conference

The next global Internet Governance Forum conference will be held in Baku (Azerbaijan) between 5th and 9th November. The European delegation will be headed by Commissioner Neelie Kroes, who will make a strong defence of the Internet as an essential element in freedom of speech.

The participation of the European Commission in the Internet Governance Forum conference will focus on the need for the Internet to remain as a space for innovation and economic growth. Commissioner Kroes will also stress the need to ensure that transparency, democracy and for human rights are respected in the Internet.

As a co-funder of the Forum, the Commission is one of the organizers of four of its sessions. One of these sessions will focus on the respect for the rule of law in the Internet, addressing issues concerning the liability of service providers in the protection of freedom of speech. Another session will assess the Internet Freedom Initiatives, for the promotion of the No-Disconnect strategy and exchange of experiences among similar initiatives in different countries.

A third session will discuss freedom of speech and pluralism of the media in the Internet age, which are being analysed by the High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism set by Commissioner Kroes. Finally, a forth session co-organized by the Commission will cover how to make the Internet a better place for children and youth, addressing the responsibilities of the different parts involved in securing children's safety in the Internet.