Commission's servers host a European Citizens' Initiative collection system for the first time

The use of collection procedures to support European citizen initiatives require certified on-line solutions which may bring the required guarantees to the process. Given the difficulties reported by some organizations to have this type of on-line collection systems, the European Commission offered the possibility to host them in its own servers. Fraternité 2020 is the first initiative to enjoy this solution in Commission's servers.

Whilst Fraternité 2020 is the first European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) to be hosted in European Commission's servers, it is not the first ICE collecting statements on-line. Since the ECI started to be operational in April 2012, the first ICE recording statements on line in its own systems is Water Right 2.

In is now the turn to Fraternité 2020 to start collecting statements thanks to the offer made by the Commission and to the close collaboration with the organizers of the initiative and the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform and Technology Center State Information (IETC) in Luxembourg. Once the on-line collection system (OCS) was certified by the Luxembourg authorities, requests may also be collected using the OCS which is also the free, open-source OCS software provided by the Commission.

The Fraternité 2020 initiative intends to enhance exchange programs such as the Erasmus programme in order to contribute to a united Europe. Hosting this initiative in Commission's servers paves the way for three of the ten initiatives already presented which have also signed a hosting agreement with the Commission for their OCS systems.