The Committee of the Regions formally reacts to the proposals regarding the Multi-Annual Financial Framework

The opinion drafted by the vice presidency of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) calls for an increase in the 2014-2020 budget worth 1.14% of European Union gross national income. This document also reflects CoR's concern about the difficulties that local authorities, regions, and also certain Member states would face in view of the new budgetary framework.

The opinion put forward by the vice presidency of the Committee of the Regions is the first formal reaction to the Commission's proposal for the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework presented in July 2012. In the document, the CoR shows its concerned about the possibility that the resources for cohesion policy would be cut off by more than €5,5 billion. This decision would mean putting in serious difficulties the development of certain policies.

Faced with the possibility of a new deadlock in negotiations over the budget, the CoR supports the recent call made by institutions to put in place all the necessary efforts both within the institutions and in the capitals, so that Member States work to ensure a stable financial framework to enable the viability of cohesion policies. The Committee is fully backed by the European Parliament in these claims. The Parliament considers completely unacceptable both the Commission's proposal to freeze cohesion funds, as well as the proposal made by Member states to reduce these funds by 10%.

Both the Committee of the Regions and Parliament have stressed the paramount importance of the regions and cities in the development of policies that are directly focused to the citizens. Ensuring a stable financial framework is absolutely necessary for local and regional authorities to plan their development programs. This will not be possible until the rules and budget for the next period are clarified.