Last days for candidates to submit works to the Erasmus Entrepreneurship Awards 2012

Deadlines to present candidatures in three of the categories of the Erasmus Entrepreneurship Awards 2012 will be closed between 13 and August 17. This award aims at highlighting successful cases of new young and host entrepreneurs as well as the best cases of collaboration and work of intermediate organizations.

The Erasmus Entrepreneurship Awards 2012 is organized by the Support Office of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme (EYE) with the objective of rewarding the best successful cases of experiences which have received funding from the EYE Program. Candidates can still submit their cases for three of the five categories of the contest until August 13 or 17 depending on the category.

More specifically, participants in the category Best Success Story Video can submit their videos until August 17. Those willing to take part either in the category of Most Successful Post Relationship Cooperation or Best Business Concept will be able to present their presentation or report until August 13. In the case of the awards for Best Host Entrepreneur or Best Performing Intermediary Organization, is not required to present candidacies as the jury will select the best success stories among the participants in the program.

Winners in each category will receive prizes ranging between €5000 and €1000, except for the category for intermediate organizations where an honorary prize will be awarded to organizations that has developed an outstanding work. The winning projects will be presented and receive their awards at a ceremony organized by the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry to be held in Brussels on October 11, 2012.