The Commission presents a new smartphone app to help passengers that travels in air and rail transport

A new app for smartphones was presented by the European Commission with the aim at helping passenger with their rights when travelling this summer. The app is available in 22 EU languages and it currently covers air and rail transport and will be extended to bus/coach and marine travel in 2013 when these rights come into force.

The European Commission presented a new smartphone application which covers air and rail transport and works on four mobile platforms: Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone 7. The application is aimed at helping passengers explaining them the passenger’s rights when they travel. In addition to this app, the Commission presented in June a new app for smartphones explaining how to use the European Health Insurance Card.

In particular, the app explains the passenger’s rights. For example, if a flight is cancelled and the passenger is consequently denied boarding, he or she may be entitled to compensation of between €125 and €600. If your luggage is damaged as a result of an accident, you may also be entitled to compensation. It is also good to know that rail and air companies are obliged to provide transparent information on pricing and assist passengers with reduced mobility.

During a large-scale emergency, such as experienced following the Icelandic volcanic ash crisis in 2010, the app may also display travel information and advice from the European Commission. Moreover, the app also provides information on who to contact in order to complain.