MEPs call for adequate EU funding to combat violence against women, children and young people

According to a resolution approved by the European Parliament, the next Daphne programme should be at least funded such as it has been funded so far in order to protect women and children against violence. MEPs also reiterates that the programme needs sufficient funding to tackle real needs, maintain current measures and introduce new ones.

MEPs approved a resolution which calls that funding for the next Daphne programme to protect women and children against violence must be kept comparable to that of previous ones. Parliament also reiterates that the Daphne programme has been underfunded so far.

In fact, they agrees that more funding should go to projects to alert young people to new forms of violence linked to the growing use of online social networks, such as threats, psychological pressures, bullying or internet child pornography. In addition, MEPs regret that combating violence against children, teenagers and women is not explicitly listed in the "specific objectives" set out in the Commission communication on a proposed regulation establishing the Rights and Citizenship Programme for 2014 to 2020, in which Daphne is to be incorporated from 2014.

On the other hand, Parliament also stressed the need for legislative measures at EU level to eradicate gender-based violence, because differing national policies and legislation lean that women do not have equal protection against male violence everywhere in the EU, and also, it is needed to simplify project grant application procedures - the 2012 call for proposals is still open, and project contracts concluded sooner, so as to encourage small NGOs to apply.